The UK is bringing black writers back to the page

Author of the famous “Phil, Fem, Audrey”, novelist and activist Bernard’s Everisto Penguin launches “Black Britain: Rewriting” at Random House. It should bring to light the forgotten writings of writers from forgotten Asia or Africa and still tell the story of the country.

Along with Margaret Atwood, she was the first black woman to win the prestigious Booker Prize in 2019: Anglo-Nigerian Bernard Everisto later celebrated for her novel Girl, girl, other, A description of the lives of black families in the United Kingdom (since translated into French, this is one of our favorites to start the school year in September). Today, he launches a collection with Penguin Random House, the prestigious publishing house that publishes it. Black Britain: Rewriting. There is “A new series of history books, the works of black writers forgotten or hard to find, tell the story of England and its immigrants of the last century.” Goal: “Adjust historical biases for publication in the United Kingdom, and Revitalize Texts to Rebuild British Black Literary History ”.

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