The UK has stepped up its nuclear strike force

This strategic review is one of the most important since the UK’s complete withdrawal from the EU and after the Cold War, which poses Russia as a major threat to the country and demonstrates its willingness to focus on the Indo – Pacific region.

One of the key steps in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s 100-page report before parliament is to raise the UK from 180 to 260, an increase of about 45%, and the availability of nuclear arsenals to put an end to the progressive disarmament that was implemented after the collapse of the Soviet Union thirty years ago.

Change of direction

The change is justified by London’s commitment in 2010 to reduce it to mid-2020 Emerging range of technical and theoretical threats, According to the document.

History has shown that democratic communities are strong supporters of an open and flexible international order., Boris Johnson said in the preface.

We also need to be safe to be transparent, He added. For this, according to him, the British nuclear program must be strengthened.

As circumstances and threats change over time we must maintain a minimum and reliable level of prevention.

Dominic Robb, Minister of Foreign Affairs

This is the ultimate guarantee, the ultimate insurance policy against the worst threats from hostile states, He added. This strategic review of defense, security and foreign policy matters will determine the government’s path for the coming decade.

This comes at a time when Brexit, as a major force in the international arena, is seeking to transform London itself. Global UK.

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Russian threat

Reaffirms NATO’s role The foundation of collective security As for the Europe-Atlantic region, this document presents Vladimir Putin’s Russia The most serious direct threat to the UK.

He is very sensitive towards China, with which London wants to deepen its trade relations Proper competitor.

London already maintains close ties with Moscow and Beijing after a former Russian spy poisoned British soil and severely questioned Chinese policy in Hong Kong.

British soldiers are also expected to serve Frequent and long Abroad.

The document warns against Realistic possibility Than a terrorist group Successfully carry out a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear CPRN attack by 2030.

The potential for an increase in the British nuclear arsenal has jumped to ICANN (International Campaign to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons) Violation of obligations made by London under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

UK decision to increase stockpile of weapons of mass destruction amid epidemics is irresponsible, dangerous and violates international law, Attacked Beatrice Fihn, director of this voluntary charity.

The Campaign to Reduce Nuclear Weapons (CNT) The first step towards a new nuclear arms race And a Great provocation on the world stage.

To its General Secretary Kate Hudson, Inciting global tensions and wasting our resources is an irresponsible and disastrous approach..

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