The UK has refused to ban the export of the Covit-19 vaccine to the European Union

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In the face of EU accusations, the UK is retaliating. Boris Johnson denies banning exports of anti-Covit-19 vaccines to the EU, which London has blamed. “We are not barring the export of any vaccine against Govt-19 or any part of the vaccine,” the head of government told lawmakers. “This epidemic keeps all of us on the same side in the struggle for health in the world. We oppose vaccine nationalism in all its forms,” ​​he said during a weekly question and answer session before parliament.

In a speech published online, European Council President Charles Michael condemned the US and UK “export bans” and drew immediate denials from London. Charles Michael stepped back, saying in a tweet on Tuesday evening that the British reaction to “happiness” was “leading to greater transparency and export to the EU and third countries”.

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The UK summoned EU Ambassador Nicola Mann to London on Wednesday and wrote a letter to British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb Charles Michael. “The British government did not prevent the export of the Covit-19 vaccine or vaccine components,” he says there.

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The new incident comes a month after the EU’s diplomatic misdirection: Brussels wanted to use the emergency arrangement of the Brexit agreement in Northern Ireland to continue with London over the issue of UK vaccine supply against Covit-19. . In the face of outcry, the EU quickly retreated.

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