The UK free trade is now subject to more export rules than any country in the world.

platform. A very bad surprise awaited this unfortunate group of British truck drivers when they arrived at the port of Rotterdam (Netherlands), the day after Brexit. As soon as they entered the single market, they were expropriated All their portions of pork sandwiches By meticulous Dutch customs officers. We must add that the surprise is all relative. This is just one of the mechanical consequences of the end-2020 free trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

As trivial as it is, this episode is far from trivial. He powerfully captures all of the challenges that now await the UK in its maritime race. A month later “Sandwich”Will the Brexit effect merge with the impact of the Coronavirus, or will it end up bargaining with the Conservative Party’s hopes for the upcoming parliamentary elections?

The first thing is certain: the remaining challenges of the Brexit agreement have been covered up, with a certain political tendency, in light of the double celebrations of the end of the year and the weariness of political actors on both sides of the channel. There is still an economic reality that seems hesitant to engage with the most fascinating element of Boris Johnson’s language.

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Cheshire Cheese Company, the respected British cheese maker who supported Brexit, has it It had to be resolved Since January to attach a veterinary certificate worth £ 180 to all its packaging delivered to the continent. So the company plans to build its new warehouse in France, not Cheshire. Current complaints from the fishing and meat industries can be explained by this testimony, which applies to all fresh foods.

Some headaches

What matters, because Boris Johnson made the daring bet to make Brexit a purely political issue, in a country where trade and finance have long been the primary catalyst. However, there is something prominent political in the need to declare all goods in transit between Great Britain and Northern Ireland from April. It is a form of commercial separation that“No English prime minister can accept”Ceylon, Theresa May itself.

Poll conducted by the daily governorate Sunday times Announced at the same time a The majority of A Northern Irish woman has called for a referendum to reunify Ireland within five years. The Scottish National Party is in a strong position and will campaign for a new referendum on independence after the spring parliamentary elections. to ‘Global Britain’ to me “Little England”, There is only one step.

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