The UK faces the number of channel crossings by immigrants


On Sunday, July 25, 378 immigrants were able to cross the channel, which is a registration number. They take great risks to reach the United Kingdom off the French coast.

With our correspondent in London, Mary Boda

9,000 migrants have reached the British shores since the beginning of this year, and 8,000 have been prevented from crossing. These dangerous voyages are made in small boats. The reduction of boat travel between France and the United Kingdom during epidemics has exacerbated these practices.

Advertisements for smugglers on social networks

Smuggling gangs use duct tape to hold boats together. Bicycle tires are used for floating. According to Daily Mail, Albanian criminals pay a 20,000 passage to the UK. Advertisements are also spread on the Tiktok social network.

British officials have agreed to pay France 63 63 million to prevent the event. The French government is trying to pass a law that has so far been rejected. This will allow the use of drones to intensify surveillance. Thus will be seen when immigrants cross.

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