The UK does not rule out joining the USA, Canada and Mexico agreement

After Brexit, the UK wants to extend its trade agreements but prefers free bilateral trade with Washington.

Britain’s environment minister said on Wednesday that the United Kingdom would not rule out joining the US-Canada-Mexico trade agreement if it did not reach a bilateral free trade agreement with Washington.

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«Nous n’excluons rien», a déclaré George Eustice sur la chaîne Sky News, interrogé sur la possibilité pour Londres de rejoindre cet accord trilatéral (USMCA), le remplaçant de l’Aléna (accord de libre-échange nord-améric and lo “We would prefer to have a bilateral trade agreement with the United States.”.

Since their exit from the European Union, which was finally implemented on January 1, the British ambition has been to conclude comprehensive free trade agreements in order to establish the “Global Britain” strategy. About sixty agreements have already been concluded, mainly with Japan, but London fervently hopes to be able to find an arrangement with the United States.

Joe Biden is tense in the UK

With their hopes calmed, on Tuesday, US President Joe Biden refrained from any commitment to this free trade agreement, stating only that “discussions are continuing”, by receiving British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the White House.

“President Biden has always been clear that trade deals are not really a priority for him at the moment.”Try to postpone George Eustis.

He emphasized that London had no “deadline” for finding common ground. “We still hope to achieve it but there is no real rush”, he added: “We don’t need it before the next elections.”, planned for 2024, “But of course we would like to have one.”

Boris Johnson said on Sky News on Tuesday that London would go “ASAP”, without specifying whether an agreement could be reached before this deadline.

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Le Figaro with AFP

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