The UK advises its compatriots to leave the whip “soon”

Office of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth (British Government Administration in charge of Foreign Affairs) On April 17, British citizens in Chad were instructed to leave the country by trade routes as soon as possible following the movement of an armed group of rebel vehicles to Najamena.

Given the recent events, he advises against the Chad trip due to the current security risk assessment. “At the council level this change advanced southwest of armed rebel vehicles beyond the city of Faya, apparently in the direction of N’Jamena.”, According to British officials.

On Sunday, April 11, an insurgent militant group “Le Front for Alternatives et la Concord o Chad” (Fact) crossed the Chad from Libya into fighting with government security forces. British.

They add it “On Saturday, April 17, the rebel group crossed the city of Faya and moved southwest. The convoy seemed to be heading towards the capital, N’Zamena. In addition, another FACT convoy could be seen approaching the city of Mao from the north.”

“The adventure of the mercenaries from Libya is over”

Communications Minister and government spokesman Serif Mohammad Jean said on his Twitter account on Saturday evening “The adventure of the mercenaries from Libya ended as announced”. He greeted the security and security forces.

Sheriff Mohammed Jean spoke about the “fight”. The minister said a military spokesman would be contacted shortly after the fighting.

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