The two will be judged Michael behind closed doors

The official memo received from the Chinese authorities says that these trials are closed to the public and the mediaGlobal Affairs Canada said in a statement sent to CBC.

Despite numerous official requests by the Chinese authorities, Canadian officials have not been granted permission to attend the trialsThe ministry adds.

We remain deeply disturbed by the lack of transparency surrounding these measures.He concludes, stating that he cannot say more by law in terms of protecting personal information.

Michael Covrig, a former Canadian diplomat, and Michael Spavor, a businessman, were arrested in China in December 2018. They were held there for 829 days.

World Affairs Canada announced on Wednesday that the trial of Mr. Spavor will begin on Friday and that of Mr. Kovrig on Monday.

Fate reserved for those we call They are both Michael Ottawa is a retaliatory measure for the arrest of Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou.

The daughter of the founder of the Chinese telecom giant was arrested on December 1, 2018 in Vancouver at the request of Washington, which accuses her of circumventing US sanctions against Iran.

The handover procedures against Meng Wanzhou have entered their final stage. The last hearings before the Canadian decision are due to take place in May.

Mr Spavor, a businessman active in North Korea, is accused of stealing and illegally transferring state secrets abroad.

Mr Kovrig, who was serving as an advisor to the International Crisis Group (ICG) at the time of his arrest, is accused of collecting state secrets and intelligence directed abroad.

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Canadian Foreign Minister Mark Garneau reiterated on Wednesday that Ottawa considers their detention to be arbitrarily And he asked them again Immediate release.

Two weeks ago, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Beijing of fabricating the charges against them from scratch.

Michael has apparently been arrested on false charges […] After fulfilling our responsibilities regarding the extradition treaty and our ally the United States, He said.

Two families are anxious

People close to Michael Spavor made a rare public statement on Thursday, claiming his innocence. As a family, we have chosen to distance ourselves largely from the media in order to respect Michael’s request for privacy.Explanation of the businessman’s relatives. However, at this time, we believe it is essential to speak out to demand his unconditional release.

His continued detention is both unfair and unreasonable, and even more so due to the lack of transparency in this matter.They denounced, stating that Michael Spavor was not From an ordinary Canadian businessman.

He loved to live and work in China and would never have done anything detrimental to the interests of China and the Chinese people. We stand behind Michael and preserve his innocence during these difficult times.

The family of former diplomat Michael Kovrig has also spoken. In an interview with CBC, his wife Vina Njibola said it was a very sensitive and emotional time for her family.

She said: We doubted that that day would come sooner rather than later. However, there is a lot to absorb, and it is emotionally difficult and difficult to articulate all that that means for us.

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The International Crisis Group, employer Michael Covrig, also issued a statement on Thursday urging China to release the former diplomat. Once arrested, the political nature of the case became very clear. Decisions made in the Chinese justice system will not change thisThe organization’s interim president, Richard Atwood, said.

After 830 days in prison, Michael must be released immediately so that he can return home to his relatives.

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