The three urban agglomerations (Cacem, Espace Sud and Cap Nord) bloq

Three communities from the Martinique conglomerate (CACEM – Cap Nord and Espace Sud) were banned on Thursday, December 30, 2021 by anti-vaccine commitment protesters.

Actions were taken by a few health activists. They have blocked access to three EPCIs (EGeneral establishment of inter-municipal cooperation) CACEM – Cap Nord and Espace Sudc on Thursday, December 30, 2021.

At CACEM in Fort-de-France, it was impossible to access offices and parking in the communal community.

This action was announced on social networks. The activists had arranged to meet at three assembly points in Sainte-Marie in Rivière-Sale and in Fort-de-France before meeting at EPCI.

The operation called “Konverjan’s of Guarantees” brings together CDMT, CGTM – UGTM – USAM – Convergence Infirmières 972 – FO Pompiers – UNSSF – SPPM and SLS. All of these unions are denouncing the commitment to the vaccine and the health card.

Various obstacles have been placed in front of the office entrances in Fort-de-France

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In a press release, Luc Clemente, Head of Community Congregation at the Center Martinique (CACEM), “Strongly condemns the obstacles to freedom of movement in front of the entrances to the CACEM headquarters by participants not associated with the institution.”

The President of CACEM calls for the immediate lifting of these obstacles and the immediate re-establishment of the freedom of movement of people at the entrance to the residence of the population center which remains, as we must remember, a public building.

Luc Clemente – President of CACEM

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