The three Netflix movies everyone’s talking about for this weekend

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You definitely saw these titles rolling over the networks this week, here are the three Netflix movies everyone’s talking about right now.


WatchmanImage Credit – Netflix

Director Julie Locklear (Earth and blood, Lucas, thieves…) is back on Netflix with this epic vengeance thriller.

Clara, 33, is a translator for the French army. After a traumatic experience in Syria, she was transferred to Nice as part of the escort operation, where her mother and sister Tania live. One evening, after going to a nightclub, her sister is found raped and nearly dead on the beach. A soldier lacking milestones would declare war on her sister’s aggressor and do everything to avenge her, risking her life.

Yes today

Yes today

Yes todayImage Credit – Matt Kennedy / Netflix © 2021

With Jennifer Garner, this film tells of how upset they feel about constantly saying no to their children to their classmates, Alison and Carlos decide to give their three children a “Yes Day”: 24 hours during which they decide everything. Then a crazy adventure begins in the Four Corners of Los Angeles, where the family will come out more united than ever.

Frizzy life

Frizzy life

Frizzy life Image Credit – Netflix

This movie, in which Kagatay Ulusoy responds to Prince Ali Dogroll, was directed by Jan Olcay.

In an old slum in Istanbul that has been brutally shaped by immigration, Mehmed, a valued resident who runs the area’s waste collection center, helps people in need, especially homeless children and teenagers who know their hardships well. He can count on Tahseen’s support, which has been helping him for a long time. One day, Muhammad spotted an eight-year-old boy coming out of his close friend’s garbage bag, Gonzalez. Then Muhammad takes it in his mind to find his parents, without realizing that he has become attached to the child.

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