The three films have been added to Netflix as of January 3, 2021

Netflix kicks off the first week of 2022 smoothly: Three new movies are waiting for you in the service’s catalog for the next seven days. However, you will have the choice between three different types, and everyone will find them on their own!

On the show: a beautiful romantic comedy with a lot of love in the air, a horror movie that will leave you with chills all over and finally an adventure in SF starring beautiful Chloë Grace Moretz. Whatever your taste, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for this week.

Four halves – romantic comedy

In this movie, you will constantly ask yourself “Who will fall in love with whom?” The story actually includes four single friends, Chiara, Matteo, Julia and Dario, who will embark on a search for a soul mate. The quartet questions the concept and decides to look for their other half… after all “those who are alike flock together” right? Yes, but it is also said that “opposites attract”. Like what, “four halves” can help you get ahead!

Recluse – Horror / Horror

Do you want to watch a horror movie for an exciting evening? Recluse may please you! The story takes place in 19e Century and follows a family that lives completely isolated from the rest of society. However, their seemingly quiet life will be turned upside down by the arrival of an evil creature that stalks them and feeds on their fear. The bonds that unite them will be severely tested, so how will they be able to break out of them? The trailer promises a breathtaking and terrifying movie that may give you nightmares for days!

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Mother / Android – Thriller / Sci-Fi

“Mother/Android” is a science fiction feature film with a fun show! The film is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Android leads a violent rebellion against humans. Nothing wacky some might say, yes, but the story follows the journeys of Sam and Georgia, a young couple on the verge of childbearing. They will attempt a long and dangerous journey to find a place where Georgia can give birth safely, but especially a place where their children can grow up in peace. The trip will not be easy, you risk not procrastinating!

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