The Temptation of Extreme Tension: The Season 2 Finale Finally Available on Netflix

Netflix is ​​known for its movies, series, and documentaries, but did you know that the platform also offers reality TV shows? Among them, we find Too Hot To Handle, available in French under the name Séduction Haute Tension. In this program, ten singles followers of a platform must live one night together in a villa where all sexual practices are prohibited. The goal: to get to know each other in a way other than the body, and it is not easy for those men and women to whom temptation comes first and foremost through the bedroom! Over the course of the episodes, we get caught up in the game and the adventure heroes become more and more likable.

High Tension Seduction to watch now on Netflix

Netflix put the first part of the second season of High Voltage Seduction online on June 23, and to avoid suspense, the platform waited until June 30 to present the second part. Note that one of the French is part of the cast for this second season: it’s Marvin Anthony, seen in particular in Love Island, The Marseillais vs The Rest of the World 5 and The Princes and Princesses of Love 4. To discover season two of Séduction Haute Tension, You can subscribe to CANAL + and the Ciné Séries + . package Which notably includes unlimited access to Netflix, OCS, Disney+ and CANAL+. A 100% no-obligation digital subscription costs €39.99 per month and €28.99 for those under the age of 26.

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