The Supreme Court ruled that Scotland’s independence referendum was legal

Could Scotland hold another independence referendum without London’s agreement? The British Supreme Court will rule on this important question for the future of the United Kingdom on Wednesday.

Independence Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has already asked “Should Scotland be an independent country?” posted the question, and on the date, October 19, 2023, he wants to organize this new consultation.

Already in 2014 55% of Scots refused to leave Britain. But in the eyes of the SNP separatists in power in Edinburgh, Brexit, opposed by 62% of voters in the province, has been a game-changer since the intervention. They want Scotland to rejoin the EU as an independent country.

But the central government in London is fiercely opposed to further independence referendums and sees the 2014 referendum as closing the debate for a generation.

Anticipating a legal battle with the government in London, Nicola Sturgeon is leading an appeal to the Supreme Court to decide whether the Scottish Parliament has the power to legislate on the issue without the consent of the Scottish government, with Scotland particularly divided according to opinion polls.

The Independent leader believes he has an “irrefutable mandate” to organize such an election, especially given the SNP’s majority in local parliaments.

– “Fundamental and inalienable right” –

At a hearing last month in the Supreme Court, lawyers representing the London government argued that the Scottish government could not decide on its own whether to hold a referendum: Edinburgh would have to get permission because it was a matter reserved for central government.

Opposite, Scotland’s most senior magistrate, Dorothy Payne, argued that “the right to self-determination is a fundamental and inalienable right”.

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In a recent blog post, Stephen Tierney, a constitutional law professor at the University of Edinburgh, said it was a “chance” decision for Britain’s Supreme Court to rule that a new referendum should be declared over local government jurisdiction.

In such a scenario, Nicola Sturgeon has already warned that the next general election in England will be held by January 2025, a referendum on independence.

During the 2021 local elections, he had promised to organize a legally valid poll once the Covid-19 pandemic turned around.

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