The Suez Canal was finally cleared

(Ismailia)since whenA 400-meter long ship managed to evacuate the Suez Canal on Monday after blocking all movement there for six days due to a possible “human error”. Explanations.

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The increase in the depth of the canal is due to the effect of the high tide felt from Sunday to Monday in the southern part of the Suez Canal, where the ship stopped since last Tuesday. So giveNot. In addition to the impact of the tide, rescue teams have in recent days removed more than 30,000 cubic meters of sand from the shore in an effort to free the ship. Thirteen boats and their crew participated in the operation. Surrounding ships sounded their sirens in celebration when it wassince when He began to move forward.

Photo of Ahmed Hassan, Agence France-Presse

Young people celebrate in front of the ship, which resumes its journey in the Suez Canal on Monday.

Hundreds of ships stranded

Shipping company Hapag-Lloyd AG says it expects it will take four days for ships to wait for the canal to reopen. At least 437 ships have accumulated at both ends of the canal, waiting to be able to pass since last Tuesday, when the ship was on since whenTwo mastodons, 400 meters long and 220,000 tons, were suspended in the muddy sand that forms the banks of the Suez Canal. “Even after shipping has resumed, it will take several days to clear the obstacles that have formed from ships at either end of the canal, and then a week for western container ships to reach the northern ports of the canal. Europe,” said Greg Knoller. According to Bloomberg, Senior European Editor at IHS Markit’s Trade Magazine.

Photo by Mahmoud Khaled, Agence France-Presse

An aerial photo shows the ships that were waiting in the Gulf of Suez last Saturday.

$ 9 billion

The forced closure of the Suez Canal caused losses amounting to $ 9 billion per day. IKEA said it has 110 containers of products on board since whenMeanwhile, construction equipment company Caterpillar expects one-week delays in the delivery of some equipment in Europe. European wholesalers who sell coffee are also affected, as is the transportation of oil. Eleven boats with more than 130,000 head of cattle were caught in the traffic jam. Faced with the impasse, some boats decided to bypass the African continent and set out to the Cape of Good Hope, which is a much longer and more dangerous route than crossing the Suez Canal.

Photo of Ahmed Hassan, Agence France-Presse

vessel since when It is 400 meters long and 59 meters wide.

” human error ”

The Egyptian authorities initially said that the cause of the accident was “strong winds and a sandstorm.” Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, added, on Saturday, that these factors were not the most specific, and that “human or technical error” may be responsible for the problem. Bloomberg has already mentioned the ship since when He was traveling at high speed before the accident. Last known speed ofsince when It was 13.5 knots, recorded 12 minutes before delinquency, according to Bloomberg, citing its own data. The maximum permitted speed in the channel ranges between 7.6 knots and 8.6 knots, “according to the report, adding that pilots sometimes tend to move faster to better control their ship during storms.


Last known speed ofsince when It was 13.5 knots, recorded 12 minutes before its misdemeanor, “according to Bloomberg, citing his own data.” The maximum permissible speed in the canal is between 7.6 knots and 8.6 knots. “

Rain pursuits

vessel since when It will undoubtedly be the origin of “many lawsuits” in the coming months, as he wrote in his Law360 post analysis. The post notes that “there are likely to be hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in lost merchandise, rising fuel costs, or disrupted supply chains” Le navire appartient à la firme japonaise Shoei Kisen KK, et est assuré par un assureur japonais, a affirmé la publication Marine Insight, selon qui l’évènement constitue “la plus grande catastrophe de porte-conteneurs au monde sans qu’un navire ne soit disabled”.

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