The study found that the collapse of Antarctica is not inevitable

One of the many problems with Global Warmingis that glaciers Melt earlier and earlier and fasterup to three times faster than before depending on the WWF. Thus glaciers and polar ice caps could experience “tipping points”, beyond which the consequences of global warming will be irreversible, both for human species and for biodiversity. Last September, a scientific study warned of the melting of the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. called “The Glacier at the End of the World”, Its complete disappearance would cause an unprecedented rise in sea level which would lead to the modification of the continents. But to some extent, nothing has been decided yet and their fate is still in our hands. In fact, researchers conclude in a new study published Monday in Nature Communications that the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet is not “inevitable.”

Is the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet irreversible? While some scientists fear that, regardless of future climate change, others are more accurate. A team of researchers in the US and UK has observed the development of West Antarctica, which is home to giant glaciers that are extremely unstable and contain enough ice to raise sea levels by 3.3 metres. According to their satellite readings, the rate of ice sheet retreat has slowed in an area at risk…

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