The study found that Brexit exacerbated the shortage of doctors significantly

Health – Without Brexit, there will be an additional 4,000 doctors in the country in the four medical specialties studied

United kingdom suffers from a deficiency the doctors…which is wrong Britain’s exit from the European Union. This is the result of a study commissioned by Watchman It was released this Sunday by the Nuffield Trust, a health think tank.

According to this report, Brexit would have already caused a shortage of around 4,000 EU doctors in four major specialties. the study Falls as the general system of health (NHS) is experiencing many difficulties after years of austerity, with record waiting lists in hospitals due to Covid-19 and imperfection of doctors and nurses.

The difficulties were exacerbated by leaving the European Union

The Nuffield Trust considered four specialties (anaesthesiology, pediatrics, cardiothoracic surgery and psychiatry) where European doctors were particularly overrepresented before Brexit. These four majors were already experiencing tensions in their recruitment before the UK exit European Union.

But since Brexit, the increase in enrollment of foreigners has slowed dramatically, according to the study. If the trend observed before continues, there should be more than 41,000 doctors from the EU and Europe in 2021, no less than 4,000 more than the actual numbers (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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