The start of short vacations, there is hope for slowing down the third wave

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This Saturday, France began two weeks of confined school holidays in the hope of curbing the Covid-19 epidemic while vaccination, still chaotic, accelerates.

Do not go outside to the sea or the countryside, or only then Under the pretext of dropping off the child with relatives For the second year in a row, Spring Holidays savor the taste of confinement, even if 2021 lets you breathe for more than an hour and leaves parks, parks and beaches open.

On April 10, 2020, after more than three weeks of strict confinement, France just emerged from a peak of 7,000 patients who received intensive care. A year later, many sectors (restaurants, agriculture) were closed for five months and the situation became very tense again in hospital, as a result of an out of control epidemic outbreak in March, driven by the most contagious English formula.

Friday evening, the Ministry of Health Beat summoning troopsBy calling in a press release “all health professionals”, students, sanitary reserves, retirees and private doctors to strengthen hospitals, by first registering on the Ministry’s platform, Renfort RH Crise.

Soon 100,000 dead

“The day before yesterday, we were at full capacity, the whole family was busy and we had to carry out medical evacuations. We really thank the families who accepted. […] On Friday, Jean Damien Ricard testified from the intensive care unit and intensive care unit at Louis-Maurier Hospital in Columbus near Paris that this was the only way to cope with the influx of patients.

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For several weeks, to increase reception capacity, buses were consuming space in other departments, and hospitals had to cancel programming less urgent patient welcome activities.

Friday 5,750 patients are ill with the virus Treated in these critical care units, from the current capacity of 8,000 beds for all diseases combined. The death toll also continues to rise, with 301 deaths in hospitals recorded on Friday, and a total (98,395), which brings France close to the 100,000 deaths mark, which has already been surpassed in Italy or the United Kingdom. In 2021, around 340 patients died of Covid-19 on average every day.

A rare encouraging sign, even before the schools closed, the circulation of the virus continued to progress last week, but at a lower rate than its predecessors, “which may reflect a slowdown,” the French Public Health Authority indicated. The health agency also confirmed a “less severe viral outbreak” in Ile-de-France and Haut-de-France, two of the regions worst affected by the third pandemic wave, with lighter restrictions coming into effect from 20 March. But if confirmed, curbing the epidemic will not have effects in the hospital until after a seizure, after one to two weeks.

500,000 doses on Friday

So the only way out is vaccination. The pace is accelerating, with more than 500,000 shots on Friday alone, after more than 400,000 on Thursday. But even at this rate, full protection for the adult population remains elusive: if the two-dose vaccination coverage approaches 75% among nursing home residents, it only reaches 35% between 75-79 years in the city. , 9% between 70-74 years old, 4% between 65-69 years old.

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On Saturday morning, Prime Minister Jean Castex went to a vaccination center in Lyon, after visiting the Edward Heriot hospital. Like other European countries, the vaccination campaign remains chaotic in France, subject in particular to AstraZeneca’s serial disappointments, between low births and fears of side effects, even if they remain extremely rare.

The Supreme Health Authority recommended on Friday A second dose of a different vaccine (Pfizer / BioNTech or Moderna) for those under 55 years of age who received a first dose of AstraZeneca prior to its suspension in March for these age groups due to atypical coagulopathy. HAS also recommended that the vaccine not be used from the Anglo-Swedish laboratory in Moselle, Guyana, Mayotte, and Reunion, as it is highly ineffective against the South African variant of Covid-19, which is more present in these areas.

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