The space for the youth audience is full

In this 22nd edition of the plurality, young people were especially honored. On Friday, July 21, the inner courtyard of the monastery hosted many events. Both children and adults enjoyed. The program continues on Saturday 22nd July with lots of activities.

Lucas Bruner
Today at 19:19

Performances, workshops, music, delicacies … A lot of goodies for this first day are intended for a young audience. Installed in the inner courtyard of the Abbey of Luxeuil-les-Bains, this space is a first for Les Pluralies Festival. The public responded collectively to having a nice afternoon during the school holiday period, in a convivial venue decorated for the occasion.

Entertainment galore

The afternoon was busy. The show hosted a “kitchenette” show featuring two circus performers. The abundance of laughter and applause of the spectators, who came in large numbers, testified to the success of the performance of the artists. The story that tells how to make chocolate cake in a fun way to make hungry kids and adults alike. The ensuing snack was not refused. The pancakes were a huge success. While waiting for the different workshops, the guys of “La Mondiale de la Trouille” manage to entertain the audience with their flipouille radio. Or Max Euler, who stunned the public with his jukebox.

The show “Little Kitchen” by Circus Guns made the audience laugh. Photo by Lukas Bruner

On Flipwell Radio, you can hear music, stories about your greatest fears, or even interviews. The public also had the right to interpret the title of Jean Brut, one of the facilitators of “La Mondiale de la Trouille”. The gag will make more than one laugh. Photo by Lukas Bruner

Young audiences discovered machines from all over the world. Photo by Lukas Bruner

Diane Feckel introduced kids to climbing thanks to the decor of her “Wild to Me” show. Photo by Lukas Bruner

“La Mondiale de la Trouille” exhibited her work in the inner courtyard of the abbey. Photo by Lukas Bruner

last day

Last day to enjoy the Luxovian Festival. This Saturday July 22nd is a continuation of Friday in the General Youth District and will start in the morning. The day will start at 9 am with breakfast. The show “My monster to me”, accessible from 3 years old, will start at 10 am. Free workshops will be offered from 11am to 12:30pm, then from 1:30pm to 2:45pm: making monsters, manipulating objects and a space to experiment with sounds will be on the programme. Kids can come and go whenever they want. Before the final snack at 4pm, “Accueil” at 2:30pm and “Le monde est rond” at 3pm will be shows for all to discover.

On the concert side, the electric swing band “Da’Chabada” will be performing in the Abbey Garden at 7pm. Finally, “Smashed” will feature Gandini Juggling, who will wrap up the 22nd edition of the gathering at the Abbey at 9:30pm.

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