The son trained by his billionaire father against his mother

A $ 500 million divorce, a torn family, a husband who refuses to give a penny to his ex-wife, and between the two, the son is dragged into his father in financial corruption. Across the channel, the family drama takes on a Tolstoyan touch.

An unbelievable divorce

For several months, British tabloids have been echoing one of the most unbelievable – and most expensive – divorces in the UK. A family drama against the background of divorce we find in its heart Farkhad Akhmetov, a very wealthy businessman close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

One of the most expensive yachts in the world has developed court rulings compared toToilet paper And a fortune exceeding one billion dollars … To complete the whole thing, all that was missing was the son, who was used by his father. He is also the one who was recently convicted by a London court. Summary.

The coup of Timur Akhmetov

Timur Akhmetov was just convicted of concealing assets from his mother, Tatyana Akhmedova, who was divorced from the father of her son Farhad Akhmetov in 2018. Divorce issued by the High Court of Justice in London and compared to “A piece of toilet paper By the former spouse. In fact, justice estimated that the oligarchy, unfaithful, had to forfeit 41.5% of his wealth to her.

A proposal ignored by the main party, which has since sought to conceal his origins around the world, using his son to disguise his wealth, to the point that British justice qualifies him in its final rule. “A deceitful person who would do anything to help his father.”

According to Judge Gwyneth Knowles, who wrote it in black and white in the judgment issued at the end of April, Timur Akhmetov had already cooperated with his father to do so.All he can To prevent his mother from obtaining divorce compensation: 450 million pounds ($ 627 million).

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This is the value of Akhmetov’s father’s precious yacht, which is currently moored off the coast of Dubai. But the gas magnate refuses to concede the 115 meters, despite the commitment of the English justice to transfer the property to Madame so that she can receive divorce compensation.

Doomed to justice

But Timur Akhmetov risks paying dearly for choosing his father on the run against his divorced mother: he has now ordered him under the ruling last April to pay her more than $ 100 million.

the cars “Taymour learned well from his former father’s behavior and action and said everything he could to prevent his mother from acquiring a single penny from his marital property.According to the justice. Not upset, Tatyana Akhmedova confirmed on her part.I love my son and I hope to rebuild my relationship with him. ”. A reconciliation process is still a far cry from the side of Farrakhad Akhmetov, who wrote to his son that he preferredburn” His money instead of giving it to his mom or he sees each other so well*** cut his ex-wife and be a free manWith all due respect to Tolstoy, the Akhmetov family is one of the most unfortunate families I have ever appeared in my courtroom. “He was also taken, a few weeks ago, Gwyneth Knowles during the hearing.

A family drama just beginning

Will Tatyana Akhmedova get justice? Relationship with his son nowso nervous “ Do you think he will get better? An ex-spouse who gets to know easilyI’m an innocent and loyal son ”Does he comply with the judge’s decisions? In an effort to comfort my heart after failing to take ownership of the yacht, The former attempted to seize a collection of modern art in excess of $ 140 million, Kept by the master in a secure warehouse in Liechtenstein. Without success … now!

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