The situation remains catastrophic in Texas

Even as the temperature rises and electricity slowly returns to the state, the situation remains a problem for thousands of Texans.

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The biggest impending problem is the shortage of safe drinking water. Several US media outlets even described the issue as a potential humanitarian crisis.

US President Joe Biden just declared Texas a disaster area by signing a Natural Disaster Declaration. This new status will free up funds to help disaster victims.

Young Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who raised $ 3.2 million for victims of this sudden cold, made the trip from New York to Houston.

“We want to show you that New York is with you, and that the whole country is with you,” she said after participating in the food distribution.

More than 60,000 homes were still without electricity on Saturday in “Lone Star State,” according to the electricity website.

The extreme weather incident caused havoc in the southern and central United States this week, killing at least 40 people, according to US media.

With the cold and frost wave, several pipes burst, preventing hundreds of homes from supplying them with drinking water.

These explosions also caused many fires.

The mayor of Austin, the state’s fourth-largest city, also said his priority is to provide drinking water to homes that don’t have it. He also asked for help from the federal government.

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“The federal government has sent generators, blankets, water and other essential supplies,” US President Joe Biden wrote on Twitter, while appealing to his citizens to help associations on the ground.

This whole situation also causes problems with vaccine delivery. Fedex has indicated that it has had a lot of difficulty delivering the planned doses over the past few days.

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