The shortage of chips is forcing some used cars to cost more than newer cars

Some models, one or two years old, now sell for up to $ 3,000 more than factory-made vehicles, the latter being in short supply.

In the United States, it is now possible to resell a used vehicle with a capital gain. Buying a new car has never been more enjoyable … until you find one. As a result of the unforeseen shortage of chips that has reduced production of new cars, used vehicle prices have soared in the United States, with some second-hand models now selling better than newer ones.

The American chain is listed by ABC List of 16 vehicles Victims of this disorder. Some one- or two-year-old models now sell for up to $ 3,000 more than their factory replacement Ego. A Tesla Model 3 is now worth 6,45,677, which is 44,409 new. At the top of this list, the Kia Telluride is still worth 8.1% more than the new …

Essential components in the construction of cars, the entire automotive sector has been facing a shortage of electronic chips since the beginning of this year. Thus the production of some vehicles could be suspended. For example, the effect of General Motors: the number of vehicles available for sale was limited to 211,974 units at the end of June, 334,628 units at the end of March and 809,387 units at the end of June 2019, before the epidemic.

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