The series that criticizes Netflix

Black Mirror returns for Season 6 to explore the darker sides of streaming platforms.

The return of “Black Mirror” for the sixth season

The anticipation series Black Mirror, which explores the excesses of technology, returns for a sixth season. Acclaimed for her scathing criticism of our society in the digital age, “black mirror” It made a name for itself in the Netflix catalog and in the hearts of series fans. After four years of waiting, fans can finally dive back into this dark and wonderful universe with five new episodes. Each episode offers a different story, with some highlighted by criticism of the show’s broadcaster, Netflix.

Episodes 1 and 2: Netflix is ​​under fire from critics

The first episode of Season 6 is particularly notable for its harsh criticism of streaming platforms like Netflix. The episode presents the character of Joanne, whose life changed when Streamberry decided to make a series about her daily life. “Awful Joanne”Its shortcomings are exaggerated to the extreme.

The second episode focuses on the phenomenon of “true crime” documentaries, which chronicle sordid real events, such as stories of serial killers or unsolved cases. the ring Loch Henry He explores this unhealthy fascination from the perspective of relatives of the victims, he recalls The current controversy surrounding the Netflix series “Jeffrey Dahmer” And Anger of the killer’s victim’s sister.

Episode 3: Back to “Black Mirror” Basics

Episode 3 is titled “my heart for life”, revives the symbolic themes of Black Mirror: technology and dystopia. Despite the interesting plot, the episode suffers from lengths and a somewhat predictable ending.

Episodes 4 and 5: Sudden change of direction

The second part of Season 6 marks an unprecedented turning point for Black Mirror. Technological elements are pushed aside to make way for supernatural phenomena that appear in the lives of ordinary people. This bold choice, while unsettling, is reminiscent of the excellent series Fargo.

In summary

We can :

– Episode 1 which is particularly captivating
Self-criticism of broadcast platforms
Journey through different eras
– The return of this quality series

On the other hand, we can criticize some episodes for being too long, having cartoonish characters and stories that deviate from the central theme of the series.

For people who don’t know “Black Mirror” yet, they will be able to discover it on July 3 on France 2, with a special evening offering a selection of six episodes from different seasons from 9:10 p.m.

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