The series based on Assassin’s Creed has a screenwriter

The information appeared some time ago: Netflix He will develop a series based on the popular video game UbisoftAnd the assassin’s creed. Since then, we have not heard about the project. Until today, the popular streaming service has confirmed the name of the person responsible for writing the future program: Jeep Stewart. The same man beyond expectation Vikings: Valhalla. And he has an amazing resume.

What are the writer’s credits? You have to go back in time to achieve one of his first successes as a co-writer, hard to kill, from 1988 with Bruce Willis. also worked on The fugitive another 48 hours. And just cause. Recently, the author explained with Netflix Animation series Editor. From now on, he will take up the story of the killers.

Assassin’s Creed from Netflix has a writer

Since its appearance on consoles in 2007, the video game series assassin’s creed It takes players to different times and places around the world, from the Third Crusade to ancient Greece and beyond. Game details The rivalry between the assassins and the templeWho want to achieve peace in different ways.

Missing twentieth century fox I tried in vain to bring the video game to the cinema with Michael Fassbender as a main role, but the film failed to keep fans happy, and all plans to develop the franchise failed.

Netflix develop assassin’s creed As part of an agreement to carry property Ubisoft in the TV. The platform works with the creator of John Wick, Derek Kollstad, in the anime depends on the game the cell exploded. Everything indicates that there will be more video games on the small screen.

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