The sequel to one of the biggest hits on the platform has finally been revealed

Three years after the release of one of its biggest hits, Netflix has unveiled the first images of the sequel to this Spanish thriller that has subscribers shuddering.

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The most watched Spanish movie in Netflix historywith 108 million hours watched in the month of its launch, platform It made a lot of noise when it was released in the catalog in March 2020. Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia has just unveiled its thriller of a completely different kind. As a reminder, the plot of the film took place in an unparalleled prison where detainees were locked up two by two in cells stacked vertically around a hole. Each month, they had the chance to see their future change for the better…or for the worse. In fact, according to the floors where they were distributed, they got a platform on which delicious dishes were arranged. Those placed high could eat their fill, those on lower levels died of starvation. Three years after the release of the Spanish thriller, Netflix has finally made an official reveal Information on the sequel with some interesting new images.

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Platform 2 : Netflix introduces the new duo for the prisoners to follow

After the open ending of the movie which unleashed many theories, onlookers platform We can expect an offer. However, no, Netflix advertises with Platform 2 In reality Direct sequel to the first movie, as Goreng and Miharu’s fate seemed self-explanatory. Without a release date, the company in N rouge reveals, through three images, the new duo of prisoners, which it vividly embodies Melina Smith (Madres Parallalas) And Hovik Kochkerian (Bogota in Stealing money). In the caption we can read: “The story isn’t over yet…”indicating that new people will seek to discover all the mysteries of this prison, even to change its concept.

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When will it be revealed Platform 2 On Netflix?

At the moment, there is no release date Platform 2 Not disclosed by Netflix. However, since then The first three images are available, we can assume that production is already advanced. With a bit of luck, the second part of the exciting story will be revealed during the year 2023. Still a little patience before discovering the rest of the adventures of these unparalleled prisoners …

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