The Senate wants to force builders to incorporate green transitional space into new projects

to Protect the local population from phytosanitary products, legislators have implemented several devices that obligate wine growers, such as the DSR (riverside safety distance).
On a voluntary basis, vine growers go further by warning their neighbors before each treatment.

On the other hand, there is no obligation Masons who build as close as possible to the already existing vineyards.

When studying climate law, So the senators proposed an amendment going in that direction in order to”Reduce related usage conflicts to the pursuit and consecration of agricultural activity in our lands.” It is a question of creating transitional areas between artificial and agricultural areas at the expense of the petitioner or the municipality. More precisely:

Construction and development projects located on the edge of an agricultural area shall include, whatever their classification, a non-artificial vegetated transitional space between agricultural and urban spaces in the urban area or be urban or artificial, at the expense of the applicant or the municipality. It is preferable that the transitional area be displayed outside the areas designated for cultivation.
This procedure may be waived, as an exception, after obtaining a favorable opinion from the Committee for the Conservation of Natural, Agricultural and Forestry Areas provided for in Article L 112-1-1 of the Rural and Marine Fishing Law.

The amendment was adopted by the Senate. He must now return to the National Assembly.

New built houses near the vineyards (S.Favre)

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