The Senate approves the proportional measures in stadiums

The Senate adopts the amendment to the proportional dimensions of stadiums with more than 5,000 seats

This is potentially good news for clubs in the First Division, 14th League and others. The Senate has just adopted the Amendment for Proportional Scales in Stadiums and Theatres. This means that in addition to the current 5,000 places, clubs will be able to unlock 50% of the remaining places in their sheds.

Before the measure can be applied (or not applied), the text must be returned to the National Assembly.

European Rugby Cup: Interministerial Crisis Center to be decided this afternoon

English and Welsh clubs, moving on French soil, threaten to boycott the third day of the European Cup this weekend due to health restrictions, and the 48-hour quarantine imposed in France on individuals from the United Kingdom. For now, the uncertainty remains.

The issue of 48 hours of isolation when English clubs enter the Territory will be discussed this afternoon as part of a more public meeting on the topic of the UK by the Inter-Ministerial Crisis Centre.

According to information from RMC Sport, the Ministry of Sports is arguing “with the fact that the bubble and the reinforced health protocol around the teams once they arrive on French soil makes it possible to lift this compulsory isolation”. But nothing is finished and the ball is in CIC’s hands. I answer at the end of the afternoon.

This weekend, they face Newcastle Biarritz at Aguilera on Friday in the Challenge Cup, while in the Champions Cup, Bath plays in La Rochelle on Saturday and Sal travels to Clermont on Sunday just like Scarletts at Bordeaux Begles.

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Jean Francois Batur

Athletics: Paris internal meeting postponed due to measurements

The French Athletics Federation has decided to postpone the Paris internal meeting, scheduled for January 22, to a later date. The FFA cannot organize the meeting at the planned scale of 2,000 spectators because it will not be included in its costs.
Postponement is hoped but cancellation cannot be ruled out because it is not necessarily easy to change the meeting place on the calendar. Kevin Mayer was to be privately involved.

Aurelien Tiercin

Meeting at the Ministry of Sports on the regulatory requirements European Rugby Cup on the list

Today, Tuesday, a meeting of the Ministry of Sports will be held to study the conditions for organizing different sports, both professional and amateur. A meeting therefore should study the subject of the European Rugby Cup.

According to British media, English clubs may boycott the competition this weekend due to health restrictions, and the 48-hour quarantine imposed in France on people from the UK.

Compensation paid to the sports sector will also be on the agenda of this meeting.

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Australian Open: Authorities suspect Djokovic provided false evidence

According to the Herald Sun, Australian authorities are investigating whether Novak Djogovic was able to provide false evidence on his entry form. Meanwhile, the government is stalling over the possibility of his visa being revoked.

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Australian Open: “Djokovic must be vaccinated if he is to achieve a Grand Slam in 2022,” says Bartoli

Marion Bartoli, the former French tennis champion who is now a member of Dream Team RMC Sport, believes Novak Djokovic will face new risks if he refuses to be vaccinated. Obstacles encountered this month in January.

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“You’re going to be in very difficult circumstances, ex-Apollin Matin destined this Tuesday to RMC. To be cut short for a player like that, to do no activity for five days and with this media pressure and what? Maybe he’s suffered psychologically, and his management will be complicated He has the right to participate even if the matter is not fully settled because the Minister of Immigration still has the power to expel him.”

European Rugby Cup boycotted by English clubs?

Will English clubs boycott the third and fourth days of the European Rugby Cup? That is the fear expressed by the British media on Tuesday. Because of the health context, the English clubs due to go to France this weekend will discuss a boycott of the competition. If they are not granted any exemption, they must observe a 48-hour quarantine upon arrival on French soil. In the event of a positive test, members of these English clubs will be detained in France between 7 and 10 days depending on their health condition.

The boycott that could be a concern from Bath this weekend which should go to La Rochelle and Salé who face Claremont in the Champions Cup.

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