The scorching summer can endanger the Christmas tree


It is one of the symbols of Christmas: the decorated tree as the holidays approach. In the United States, areas where these trees are grown were hit hard by historically high temperatures last summer, threatening production and raising prices.

Not only in Oregon in particular, but also in the states of California and Washington, many fir trees are grown for sale during the Christmas season in the United States.

This part of the Pacific coast experienced extreme temperatures last summer: we talked about an event “Heat Dome”.

Within hours of the peak of the drought, U.S. newspapers reported that farmers had witnessed young fir trees turning from green to brown or turning their trees to ashes in the dozens of fires that ravaged Oregon this year.

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Faced with the risk of shortages, Govt-19 was strengthened by supply problems associated with the crisis, a American Fir Producers Group This year has called for consumers to buy Christmas trees in advance. Fir trees, which are on average 10% more expensive than 2020, currently occupy the throne in American homes.

The historically high summer temperatures on the west coast of the United States can have long-term effects because it takes many years for a tree to grow to the point where it can be sold.

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