The Sandman cult graphic novel series is coming to Netflix

It took Neil Gaiman more than thirty years to adapt just a few thousand pages of his graphic novel series The Sandman. on the small screen. The philosophical work has long been seen as impossible to adapt, its style oscillates between horror, drama and fantasy, and has been streaming on Netflix since Friday.

Sandman’s volumes, published from 1989 to 1996 by DC Comics, follow the winding and intricate story of a dream merchant often referred to as Morpheus. Each of the ten major books was painted by a different artist.

For a long time, cult work was a real headache for Neil Gaiman’s TV adaptation. I was breaking my heart trying to figure out how to craft a plot that really felt like The Sandmanhe explains.

When series created for streaming platforms like Netflix gained popularity, the author finally saw an opportunity to bring his series to screen.

Until a decade ago, two-hour movies were seen as the place for big-budget stories, while TV shows were confined to a solid 21 or 42-minute frame. Broadcasting platforms have de-divided this formathe explains.

The series features many immortal characters, such as Lucifer.

Photo: Netflix

Now a 3000 page story can be converted into 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 hours of HDTV. »

Quote from Neil Gaiman, author of The Sandman

The first ten episodes of the Netflix series Sandman Just scratching the surface of Neil Gaiman’s work, introducing the first two of the ten major volumes of the story.

cast Sandman Notable among them are Tom Sturridge, Vanesso Samuniai, Gwendolyn Christie, Mason Alexander Park and Kirby Howell Baptist.

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