The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could be inspired by the Galaxy Note even in its name

According to the FrontTron leaker, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will actually be called the S22 Note to carry the legacy of the Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 // Source: Frandroid

This year, Samsung has not released a new Galaxy Note smartphone. For the first time since the launch of this range of smartphones in 2011. It must be said that what made the main feature of these smartphones, which is their large format and compatibility Using the S-Pen The main range of the manufacturer was gradually merged.

Thus, in recent years, the largest Galaxy S models have reached the same screen diagonals as the Galaxy Note. This year, the Galaxy S21 integrated a feature hitherto dedicated to the Galaxy Note: compatibility with the S-Pen. Admittedly, the smartphone did not provide any place to store it within the chassis itself, but it was quite possible to use the stylus with Galaxy S21 Ultra As with any Galaxy Note from previous years.

At the moment, Samsung has not communicated about the possible return of the Galaxy Note range next year. However, the manufacturer’s new calendar, with the introduction of the Galaxy S at the beginning of the year and the foldable Galaxy Z in the summer, leaves little room for these smartphones that coined the term “phablet”. This does not mean, however, that Samsung is seeking to abandon the “Note” branding altogether.

Galaxy S22 Note instead of Galaxy S22 Ultra

In fact, according to FrontTron, Samsung could rename the Galaxy S22 Ultra due to launch early next year to make it the natural successor to the Galaxy Note.

S22 ULTRA is dead

Next is S22 Note 😉

❂ (FrontTron) December 10, 2021

“S22 Ultra is dead. Next will be S22 Note »He said in a tweet posted on Friday. Which suggests that the smartphone we now know as Galaxy S22 Ultra The Galaxy S22 Note will be renamed. A reasonable expectation when we already know that the most premium model of the future Galaxy S22 range will once again allow the use of a stylus. Above all, unlike the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the smartphone will integrate a dedicated space for storing the stylus, as well as an S-Pen Detector to determine when to insert the stylus to recharge it.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra // Source: OnLeaks x

However, FrontTron confirmation should be taken with caution. It must be said that this is the first appearance of this term « S22 Note» That all previous leaks are called so far «S22 Ultra». So it seems unlikely that Samsung will change its name so late when the smartphone is scheduled for release next February. In addition, FrontTron is still a recent player in the leaks scene, and if it has already provided some relevant information in the past, its information will not be taken at face value.

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Consistent approach for Galaxy Note fans

However, this approach will make some sense for Samsung and will allow the Korean manufacturer to take advantage of a brand already known to its smartphone users. Above all, opting for the “Galaxy S22 Note” will allow the company to easily redirect former Galaxy Note users to a smartphone dedicated to them.

We should know more about the Galaxy S22 during their official presentation. This is expected at the beginning of February 2022. Until then, feel free to refer to our file dedicated to All about the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra…or S22 note, then.

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