The royal family united for the holidays though Meghan Markle and Prince Harry documentary, official photographer confirms

In an interview with the American site Page Six, British photographer Arthur Edwards confirmed that the royal family remained more united than ever, despite the documentary series of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

family union. On December 15, the entire royal family – or almost it – gathers at Westminster Abbey for the traditional Christmas party. An event attended by Arthur Edwards, one of the official photographers of the British Crown since 1977. In an interview with the American site Page sixThe latter said that King Charles III and the entire royal family were more united than ever at this time of year. According to him, it is not the documentary series of Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, that will break up the family unit.

“They all showed they were united in the abbey, and the whole family gave the message everyone wanted: this family is united,” he states. Arthur Edwards admits he was disappointed with Meghan Markle, whom he found “sexy” at first, and Prince Harry, who was a “likable public figure”. “He was a special guy. He probably wasn’t the brightest in school. But he’s accomplished a lot since then, he served twice in Afghanistan with the army, which is very impressive. I liked him so much, and I loved working with him,” continues the 82-year-old photographer.

That was under the impetus of Meghan Markle those relationships with Prince Harry has changed. “She didn’t want to meet with us. We asked three times. She didn’t want to know anything. Today, I think she has a strategy, and that’s always been her goal,” he says.

Arthur Edwards would have preferred that Prince Harry, whom he misses greatly since his departure and who admires his commitments to various associations, would manage his family’s problems more discreetly, rather than in the public arena. “You have to keep it in the family. That’s what he should have done. If you have a disagreement, keep it to yourself and work it out with the rest of the family. Throwing it all in front of the whole world, just for the money, I think is not good,” he concludes. .

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