The Return of UFOs and the Pandemic: A Coincidence?

Unknown Flying Objects (UFOs) are back in the spotlight. The Pentagon now calls them PANI (an unknown weather phenomenon). It’s shaped like tic-tac candy, instead of saucers. Technology has evolved. You can’t stop progress!

60 minutesCBS, the flagship program, featured them in a report with cool videos last weekend. Retired Marine Pilot Lieutenant Commander. Alex Dietrich, was attached to one she took from a UFO in 2004 using the infrared camera of her plane off the Naval Base in San Diego. We see a rectangular object moving quickly and intermittently for – pof! – They disappear instantly.

Another US Navy video, in 2019 this time, shows a sinuous UFO sinks into the ocean, still off San Diego. At least 14 foreign objects were reportedly seen in the same area, moving in the air unexpectedly, before sometimes disappearing underwater. Other videos of the UFOs were captured near bases in Norfolk, Virginia, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. These three bases are among the most important in the US Navy. Aliens appear to have had a keen interest in the naval capabilities of the United States over a long period of time. Curious, isn’t it?

Soon, unknown UFOs are in front of Congress

UFOs are joining the January 6 pandemic and rebelling against the Congressional agenda. The Director of National Intelligence and the Secretary of Defense will report to elected officials next month on everything the US government knows about UFOs. Great reviews in perspective. In Washington, people are beginning to believe that it is necessary for national security to find a reasonable explanation for them. The prospect of aliens behind UFOs is less alarming than the idea that an adversary of the United States has made exceptional scientific progress that can spy on its military installations with impunity.

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Even after watching the Pentagon videos, I am a skeptic of UFOs. I look forward to seeing the report next month. Why do aliens keep playing hide and seek with us for decades? And if their devices are so sophisticated, how can we explain patheticly that they can be detected by our old equipment? Or even to the naked eye.

As long as they are not aliens

If the aliens got to Earth, they would have no reason to hide their presence. exactly the contrary. These creatures with superior cognitive abilities would consider us retarded. Think about the arrival of the Spaniards in Mexico … and what happened next. A very bad omen.

According to Winnipeg’s Ufology Research, UFO sightings in Canada increased by 46% in 2020 to a total of 1,243, one of the highest numbers on record in one year. About a quarter of them came from Quebec. There is no doubt that the anxiety caused by the epidemic has something to do with it.

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