The return of the American El Dorado

Already, airlines are wringing their hands. With US borders reopening, Monday, November 8, the rush of passengers is, even if the door is currently only open to 32 countries and intended for doubly vaccinated and tested visitors. Search engines and online booking sites are under attack. Kayak has noted a 552% increase in the number of requests for flights to the US since the authorities announced the lifting of the quarantine. According to the site, it is 126% compared to the same period in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic.

That scramble at the gate is airline honey. Air France noticed a Significant increase in bookings since the first announcement of (…) reopening borders October. For the company, this “The first batch” followed by Continuing reservations Once the US authorities set a specific date, nineteen months after the closure. To deal with this flow, I decided To increase its capabilities. On November 8, the first day of lifting the levees, she made fifteen transatlantic flights. They were all “full or nearly full”. For New York alone, it carried 1,500 passengers, and a total of 4,200 to its three destinations in the United States.

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Air France isn’t the only one smiling. Other French companies such as Air Caraïbes and La Compagnie also benefited from these windfall profits. Reopening the US border “Very good news. There is undoubtedly a boosting effect. For New York, we are selling three times as much as three weeks ago,” says Marc Rocher, president of Air Caraïbes. however, “If there is real demand, there is no explosion either,” is the nuances. The aircraft filling rate has passed “At 80% while not exceeding 56% to 60%.” When only American passengers can commute.

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However, the lifting of the ban on the American sky constitutes “real satisfaction” For La Compagnie which, before the health crisis, only operated business class flights between Paris and New York. Like its competitors, Christian Vernet, its president, welcomes ‘passenger flow’. according to him, “Bookings have tripled and flights are full for the week”.

Large strategic and financial stake

Even better, this improvement can continue. The company stated that its flights are already full By 80% in November and [que] The outlook is excellent for December.”. Air Caraïbes makes the same public note “Very good for Christmas.” For its part, Air France is preparing to reopen its route to Seattle on December 6.

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