The return of aggravated imprisonment in the Netherlands

Amsterdam, the area around Westerkerk (Photo: Kamanasish Debnath, CC BY-SA 4.0)

alternative Omicron de Covid, if it has the same severity as the delta variable, but is concerned about how quickly it can spread.

If we refer for example to the numbers quoted by Public Health France, The number of cases in France doubled in one week. According to agency data, the total number of cases rose from 172 on December 11 to 347 on December 17. The UK, for example, is also seeing an increase in the number of Omicron cases.

Thus it results from an Omicron . wave A new turn of the screw in European countries. who hope to slow its progression and especially avoid it Saturation of public health facilities.

The last country to take drastic containment measure, The Netherlands has implemented strict containment since December 19, sum. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Saturday that the Netherlands is entering strict containment over the Christmas and New Year period, in an effort to contain the Omicron coronavirus variant.

“The Netherlands is closed again. It is inevitable because of the fifth wave that is reaching us with the Omicron variant,” Mark Rutte confirmed during a press conference on national television.

All non-essential stores and services, including restaurants, hairdressers, museums and gyms, are closed until January 14. Outdoor gatherings should be limited to a maximum of two people. While individuals can receive only two visitors outside the home.

» Si l’on n’agit pas maintenant, on risque d’aboutir à une situation ingérable dans les hôpitaux, qui ont déjà réduit les soins habituels pour faire de la place aux patients atteints du COVID-19″, a souligné M. Rutte in the TV.

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Ireland is taking hybrid measures

Elsewhere in Europe,Ireland has a semi-containment system: Bars and restaurants now close at 8:00 pm.. Indoor events should be such as conference rooms, theaters or cinemas Scale application reduced to 50% of their abilities.

For foreign travelers, a negative test is required to enter the country. Only people who have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid can take an antigen test (maximum 48 hours). All other travelers must have a PCR test result (72 hours). finally, All visitors entering Ireland must have a daily antigen test for the first five days of their stay.

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