The resignation of two prime ministers of Bolsonaro in Brazil | Corona Virus

These two ministers Historical, Who has been in government since the far-right president took office in January 2019, had completely different traits.

The former Chief of Staff, Reserve General Fernando Azevedo e Silva, who had left the Ministry of Defense, was part of themilitary section The government, which is considered less extreme and more pragmatic.

On the contrary, Ernesto Araujo is one of the most jubilant ideologues, who broke the tradition of pluralism in Brazilian diplomacy, and which parliamentarians accuse of being responsible for the delay in the delivery of imported doses of COVID vaccines. -19 and active ingredients for its manufacture due to its strained relations with China.

Another key minister left the Bolsonaro government two weeks ago: the first Health, Eduardo Pazuelo, A general without experience in the medical field, was replaced by cardiologist Marcelo Quiroga, who was the fourth Minister of Health since the beginning of the epidemic in Brazil.

Some analysts are beginning to see signs of a major cabinet reshuffle, with more changes coming, including the appointment of prominent figures linked to centrist parties to allow the government to garner more support in parliament.

The departure of General Pazuelo and Ernesto Araujo was expected, after weeks of weariness and repeated criticism from parliamentarians who are allies of the government.

But Fernando Azevedo e Silva’s victory surprised everyone. In a brief statement, he emphasized that it was done Completely sincere To President Bolsonaro. But he also wants to emphasize his efforts for Maintaining the army as a state institution.

The newspaper quoted sources Or a balloon The revelation that the minister was uncomfortable with the demonstrations of militants loyal to Bolsonaro nostalgia for military dictatorship (1964-1985) and the demand Judicial intervention From the army against Parliament and the Supreme Court.

The reason for this departure is not clear. Either the president wants to give this position to a political ally, or there was a serious disagreement between them.Mauricio Santoro, a political analyst at Rio de Janeiro State University, told AFP.

According to the Globonews channel, the defense minister left his post at the request of the head of state, who announced his decision to him during a meeting that lasted only five minutes.

An ideological ally resigns

Shortly before the announcement of the change in the Ministry of Defense, a government source confirmed to AFP that Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo submitted his resignation, which the head of state has not accepted yet.

Jair Bolsonaro and Ernesto Araujo in 2019.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro with his Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo in 2019.

Photo: REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli

The head of diplomacy has been under pressure for several weeks. It has been implicated in Brazil’s failure to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed more than 312,000 lives in one year.

I have made many mistakes in fighting the epidemic; One of them is the lack of fruitful diplomatic relations with countries that would have worked with Brazil at this time of crisis.Last week, the President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, denounced it.

A wonderful personality, Mr. Araujo, 53, was one of the greatest members of the House of RepresentativesThe ideological wing To the Bolsonaro government, a staunch opponent of globalization and a fervent admirer of former US President Donald Trump.

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Never stop criticizing Cultural Marxism from him It influenced the scientific dogma of global warming.

Mr Arauju has often angered China with his provocative remarks ShelterWhile Beijing is Brazil’s largest trading partner.

Last October, he admitted that Brazil’s diplomatic isolation was not a big problem for him.

Yes, Brazil talks about freedom all over the world. If this makes us outcasts, let’s be outcasts, He announced to students of the Instituto Rio Branco, which trains future Brazil’s diplomats.

Among the figures contacted for his replacement was the current Brazilian ambassador to France, Luiz Fernando Serra.

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