The real causes of the British turmoil

Depreciation – Not all current problems are caused by Brexit, although the impact of the latter is undeniable.

Reporter in London.

Boris Johnson has always had a positive attitude and there is no doubt that the problems of this time will disturb this good mood. Earlier this month, during Manchester United’s big Tory rally, the Prime Minister delivered a reassuring speech on the future of the post – Brexit country. Then “Get Brexit done“(Let’s reach Brexit),” Pojo’s big slogan today “Create better againยป(Let’s create better again). He wants to turn the UK into a nation. “Higher pay and higher productivity, Ends with uncontrolled immigration.

As the effects of the epidemic began to wear off, the effects of leaving the EU caught up with him. Lack of petrol, supply problems in supermarkets or factories, shortage of manpower, clouds are accumulating. And British families are beginning to have serious fears about the future of their purchasing power. Boris Johnson caused this turmoil

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