The race to Downing Street | Liz Truss was interrupted by environmental activists while giving a speech

(London) Environmental activists briefly boycotted Downing Street candidate Liz Truss on Friday night during a campaign event in front of Conservative Party activists.

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Speaking at the Internal Campaign’s Fourth Great Oral in Eastbourne (southern England), the Foreign Secretary was interrupted by the intervention of several in the public, before the live broadcast on the party’s website was interrupted. .

A video posted by Green New Deal Rising shows members of the group calling out Liz Truss in a row, discussing rising energy prices and the climate crisis, before the audience shouts “Out”, as the environment is virtually absent from discussions in the campaign to succeed Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“I think we have infiltrators and I will wait until they are expelled,” said Liz Truss, before, once the intruders have been removed, to attack “the militants who are disrupting our country and the process of our democracy.”

After being hailed a second time, Liz Truss explained that she took it “a compliment to be so famous with Extinction Rebellion”, one of the UK’s leading environmental groups, best known for its massive blockbuster action.

“We are angry young people who have watched these debates and are tired of candidates who have avoided the real crisis and whose only answer is to give tax cuts to their wealthy comrades and companies like BP and Shell while the rest of us are being asked to leave the room,” Fatima Ibrahim, a rising Green New Deal member who was kicked out of the room, told Sky News. .

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She added that no matter who is the prime minister, the movement will confront him.

“Tonight we went after Liz Truss […] About its shameful role in the cost of living crisis,” the movement tweeted, denouncing the government’s support for these “climate-destroying” oil groups that “earn billions.”

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s resignation was announced nearly a month ago, Conservative Party activists – estimated at 200,000 – had until September 2 to choose their new leader in a mail vote, who would become prime minister, the party with a majority in Parliament. . . The result is expected to be announced on September 5.

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