The PS5’s modified lighter hardware model is already on sale

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You may remember that last month we reported documentation for the revised PlayStation 5 model, which was first uploaded to the organization’s Japanese website. Now it appears to be quietly on sale, with Australia’s Press-Start noting that lighter hardware units have been spotted underneath. Oddly enough, the updated SKU in this case is a Blu-ray unit, while the above manual refers to the digital version.

So what has changed with this model? Well, not a huge amount, really. The model number initially varies: the launch units carried the CFI-1XXX naming convention, while this update had the CFI-11XX naming convention. The most obvious change is the screw used to install the system on its shoulder: it has been replaced by a thumb screw, so you will no longer need to use screwdrivers or other tools.

It is also slightly lighter, at 3.6 kg. It’s not known if there have been any other changes, but they are probably minor if they are. It’s worth noting that it’s not uncommon for Sony to update its hardware soon after launch: a simple post-release PS4 overhaul reduced power consumption and replaced the hard drive cover with a matte plastic plate instead of the glossy launch cover. .

In this particular case, the factory fought for PS5 stock Requested, the device is still not available. The company has said that it will be able to meet its short-term production goals, so it is possible that some changes to this model will help it achieve this.

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