The prolonged COVID affects more than you think

One of the little-known aspects of the epidemic is the so-called prolonged COVID, which strikes people who show symptoms months after contracting the disease. This phenomenon affects many more people than you think.

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Virginie Gagnion’s life was turned upside down in early February, when she contracted COVID-19.

Just taking out her recycling container becomes a hassle for her.

St. Joseph de Coleraine’s nurse is still on sick leave: “I am constantly tired and have difficulty breathing. Lots of cognitive problems too, difficulty concentrating and memory loss often. There are days when I have to stay in bed because I’m unable to do anything.”

Concentration problems, insomnia, muscle pain, breathing difficulties, fatigue, these are the symptoms that Dr. Alan Bishi sees frequently in the 400 or so patients he follows at the Post-Covid Clinic in Sherbrooke: “These are the people who have been energetic and unable to function normally. Natural. These people suffer major impacts in their daily life. “

Long-term COVID affects 75% of hospitalized patients, and 30% of those who contract the disease less severely.

“So it is not underestimated. Such a high percentage, no one can expect that,” Dr. Beachy stresses. According to him, it is too early to know if vaccination will reduce the risk of developing long-term COVID.

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