The Prime Minister participates in the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, the G7 Summit, the NATO Summit and the bilateral visit to Spain

Ottawa, ONAnd the June 15, 2022 /cnw/ – prime minister Justin Trudeau He announced today that he will be participating in the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (RCGC) in Kigalito me RwandaThe G7 Summit in Schloss Elmau, Germany, and the NATO Summit in Madrid, In Spain. He will also pay an official bilateral visit hosted by the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez.

The world is going through a collective crisis. The illegal invasion of Russia in Ukraine It is a direct attack on democracy and the rule of law and has also led to a rise in the cost of living worldwide. Moreover, climate change is already affecting people’s livelihoods and our economies. Through these meetings, the Prime Minister will promote important partnerships and advance shared priorities, including in support of peace, security and human rights; drive ambitious climate action and grow the economy; And make life better and more affordable for people all over the world.

At the RCGC, which will take place from 23-25 ​​June 2022, Prime Minister Trudeau will reiterate Canada’s commitment to the core values ​​that unite the Commonwealth of Nations: free and democratic societies, promoting peace and prosperity to improve the lives of all. It will enhance cooperation to hold Russia responsible for its unjustified invasionUkrainefighting food insecurity and combating climate change. This year, leaders will gather on the theme “Towards a Shared Future of Connections, Innovation and Transformation” and discuss ways to improve the lives of the citizens of the 54 Commonwealth of Nations.

At the G7 Summit, which will take place from 26-28 June 2022, the Prime Minister will continue his close cooperation with his G7 partners over the past few months in order to counter Russian military aggression against the Islamic State.Ukraine. In particular, they will determine how best to support the millions of Ukrainians who have been displaced. As part of its G7 presidency this year, Germany has decided that the theme is “Progress towards a fair world”. The Prime Minister will continue to promote common priorities, such as the full support of the CabinetUkraineBuilding a greener future and continuing to send COVID-19 vaccines to those who need them, as well as the values ​​that unite the G7 countries, including democracy, human rights and gender equality.

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At the NATO Summit, which will be held from 28-30 June 2022, Prime Minister Trudeau will participate in a meeting board for North Atlantic and discuss current and future threats and challenges to transatlantic security, including Russia’s attack onUkraine and ways to strengthen our common security commitments to protect our citizens.

Following the NATO Summit, Prime Minister Trudeau will pay an official bilateral visit to be hosted by the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, on June 30, 2022. This visit will provide an opportunity for Canada and Spain to reinforce their joint commitments to create economic growth that works for all, combats climate change, and advances gender equality, It builds a safer and more peaceful world.

The international community becomes stronger when it defends with one voice the values ​​that our countries share and, above all, the desire to improve the lives of all. Canada It will continue to work with its partners and democracies around the world to meet the challenges of our time as we prepare to seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

“When the entire world unites to overcome the challenges of our time, we can achieve the best possible outcomes for people. The Commonwealth, G7 and NATO nations will have to demonstrate the common will to stand up for democracy and human rights, fight the rising cost of living and ambitiously work for the climate. I look forward to meeting with It led them over the next few weeks to do the work needed to meet these challenges and improve the lives of people around the world.”
– Right hon. Justin TrudeauPrime Minister of Canada

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  • The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, the G7 Summit, and the NATO Summit are vital gatherings where Canada can work with other nations, align our efforts with theirs, and find common solutions to the most pressing and most pressing issues on the planet.
  • The modern Commonwealth is a values-based association of 54 countries, most of which have historical ties to the United Kingdom, and a combined population of more than 2.4 billion people across five continents.
  • The decisions taken at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting will guide the work of the Commonwealth Secretariat.
  • Canada It is the Commonwealth’s second largest donor. In 2020-21, he gave the organization $10.73 million in total. In addition, Canada is proud to host the Commonwealth Education Agency, which uses distance learning and technology to expand access to education and training to promote economic growth, social inclusion and environmental conservation.
  • The Group of Seven brings together Canada and FranceGermany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union.
  • G7 leaders have met since the 1970s to discuss issues of national and international concern.
  • In addition to the G7 member states, Germany also invited the leaders of Argentina, India, Indonesia, Senegal and South Africa as guest countries.
  • Canada’s last G7 presidency dates back to 2018. Germany holds the presidency in 2022, followed by Japan in 2023. The next time Canada will host it will be in 2025.
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)NATOOne of the cornerstones of Canada’s international security and defense policy. It is the primary global forum for engaging allies and partner nations on transatlantic defense and security issues.
  • Canada And the Spain They are partners and allies with a strong relationship based on shared interests and values, including human rights, democracy, combating climate change and gender equality.
  • In 2021, two-way trade in goods and services between Canada and Spain It was 6.5 billion dollars, making Spain eighteene Canada’s global trading partner in goods and services.
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