The Prime Minister concludes the Summit of Productive North American Leaders

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau concluded a two-day visit to Washington DC today, where he stressed the importance of strengthening relations with his North American counterparts and promoting Canadian priorities for creating jobs for the middle class and promoting economic growth for all.

In Washington, the Prime Minister attended a summit of North American leaders with US President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andrs Manuel Lபpez Obrador. As part of the summit, the leaders talked about shared priorities such as ending the fight against Govt-19, ending the vaccination campaign, taking strong climate action and promoting a stimulating economic recovery, as well as employment and growth for the middle class. They agreed to work together to strengthen medical supply chains and advocate for greater vaccine supply worldwide. In addition, they want to support the transition to zero-emission vehicles in North America, protect 30% of North American lands and waters by 2030, and increase the chances of immigrants entering their respective countries by legal means.

In February, Prime Minister and President Biden held a separate meeting to discuss progress on the updated Canadian-US partnership roadmap agreed by the two leaders. During the meeting, they pledged to further protect supply chains by establishing a Canada-US supply chain working group. In addition, the leaders announced the establishment of a strategic dialogue in the Indo-Pacific region to integrate their common priorities. Finally, using the lessons learned from the epidemic, they agreed to design an updated vision for joint border management.

In addition, Canada and the United States have expressed interest in initiating negotiations on a Science, Technology and Innovation Agreement to make Canada a world leader. ‘Digital Economy.

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Prime Minister Trudeau also met with President Lopez Obrador. The leaders reaffirmed the close relationship between Canada and Mexico, which is based on strong trade and investment ties and shared values ​​and deep ties between their peoples. They stressed the importance of economic relations between their countries and discussed the importance of a unified North American economy and the Canada-US-Mexico agreement. Finally, they discussed the similarities between their nations, whose identity is steeped in the rich heritage of their indigenous peoples, and promised that they would find other opportunities to cooperate on the path to truth and reconciliation.

During his visit to Washington, the Prime Minister met with US Vice President Kamala Harris to discuss a wide range of issues of mutual interest, including democracy and human rights and human rights and other global issues. The Prime Minister will meet with the leaders of the US Congress to discuss the close economic ties between their countries, find ways to better work together to better secure supply chains and increase business opportunities.

If we are to rebuild a better Canada after the COVID-19 epidemic, we must work with our North American partners. We can only tackle the many challenges that exist today and tomorrow to eradicate the virus, take strong climate action, create new jobs and nurture the middle class.


“By strengthening our partnership with the United States and Mexico, new opportunities for economic growth will be opened to our people, and North America will become the most competitive region in the world. Together, we will end COVID-19, end the vaccination campaign, combat the climate crisis and create new ones for the middle class.” We will create jobs and promote economic recovery for all. ”

Perfect gentleman. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada


  • The Prime Minister was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Christiaan Freeland, Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie, Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development Mary Eng and Minister of Defense Marco EL Mendicino.
  • Prime Minister Trudeau took part in a panel discussion at the Woodrow Wilson Center focusing on themes such as climate change and energy goals, diversity, equality and content, trade and the economy, and the desire to recreate better and other major international issues.
  • Canada hosted the previous North American Leaders Summit in June 2016.
  • Since the signing of our first tripartite trade agreement in 1994, the tripartite trade in goods has increased by more than 250%. The agreement laid the foundation for the conclusion of the world’s most modern and comprehensive trade agreement by 2020. Canada-US-Mexico agreement (CUSMA). The United States, Mexico and Canada make up almost a third of the world’s goods and services.
  • The three countries are the most important trading partners and one of the most important sources of foreign investment in each other. In 2019, the value of the tripartite trade (total imports from each country’s other shareholders) was US $ 1.1 trillion.
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