The Prime Minister announces a change in the direction of public service

Ottawa, ONAnd the 25 May 2022 /cnw/ – prime minister Justin Trudeau Today I announce the appointment of Janice Sharett as Privy Council Clerk and Cabinet Secretary, effective 28 May 2022. Mrs. Sharett She has held this position on a temporary basis since March 9, 2021. Prior to that, she held the position of High Commissioner for Canada In the United Kingdom of Great Britain andIreland from the north.

The Prime Minister took this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Ian Shugart On the occasion of his upcoming retirement from public service, he thanked him for his distinguished leadership and outstanding contributions to the Canada.

He also thanked the Prime Minister Mrs. Janice Sharett To agree to continue to serve as clerk to the Privy Council and Cabinet Secretary. He also praised her commitment to excellence, which is a hallmark of public service.


” I thank Ian Shugart To dedicate over 42 years to serving the people of Canada. He has served with distinction, including as Deputy Minister in three different departments, as well as being clerk to the Privy Council. I am grateful to him for his support and professionalism, especially for his leadership in helping Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic. I wish him health and happiness. »

– Right hon. Justin TrudeauPrime Minister Canada

“I am very happy with that Janice Sharett She agreed to continue in this important role. Janice’s leadership and experience as Chief of Public Service at Canada Essential to achieving our ambitious agenda to build a better future for the people of the country and deliver results for Canadians. »

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– Right hon. Justin TrudeauPrime Minister Canada

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