The Prévert space in Châtenoy-le-Royal hosts the CCAS day center

The CCAS Day Center welcomes children from 5 to 11 years old in the rooms and courtyard of the Prévert in Châtenoy-le-Royal.

Five animators look after the children in this structure, which is usually called the center of the day. Children do various activities inside the available rooms but also outside in the old playground when the weather permits. Children are grouped by grade level for activities.

Emad is an animator, who will introduce them to team sports such as football, basketball and outdoor rugby in the morning and relaxation and yoga sessions in the afternoon. With Pauline, the kids cut and collide… In Charlene’s activity room, they practice painting with their hands and toward Virginia, the kids practice their talent on the pebbles while another group indulges in group games with Theo. From hat thief to werewolf through painting, cutting and sports sessions, with this activity board, animators don’t lack imagination to keep kids happy.

The Arc en Ciel Leisure Center is open until August 27.

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Editor’s note : We regret that we did not have the right to photograph children in their activities, as the majority of parents did not give the famous “right to photo” permit to CCAS officials.

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