The Preliminary League was born in Quebec

The county will have its own basketball rink before college in September.

Frederic Duchesneau

Frederic Duchesneau

The league, called NPUBA, will bring together five teams: The Thetford Team — who notably contributed to the development of Chris Boucher, the Toronto Raptors — and Shawinigan Prep, Saint-Jean-Vianney College, Lennoxville Prep and Dynastie Athletic Institute.

Each club will play 16 games spread over 5 divisions “in order to reduce travel expenses and attract as many recruits as possible,” the press release explains.

“We wanted to keep the number of teams low to make sure we get the highest possible level of play. We have put together strong programs, which are known to attract top international players, but the goal remains to counter the migration of Quebecers to the US and Ontario,” confirms Alexandre Victor, Dynasty Sports Institute .

Photo of Marco Campanozzi, press archive

Alexander Victor, from the Institute of Family Sports.

For several years, Quebec teams have traveled west and south to participate in the kind of league that offers better insight.

There are 46 English-speaking universities in U Sports and 351 in NCAA Division 1, as well as other divisions in the United States. The system in force in Quebec is not adapted. Young people will not have to leave the county to maximize their opportunities,” says Frances Mundo, of Shawinigan Prep Center.

NPUBA will focus on undergraduate qualification through the North American 12 . modele year, which is said to be “more flexible and more suitable for elite pre-university sports”.

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The five courses deal with Northern Pre-University, the NBA Academy’s academic resource.

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