The post-Brexit United Kingdom, an isolated and fragmented country?

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Brexit has been in effect since January 1, 2021, but five months later, relations between the EU and the United Kingdom are no longer satisfactory. Witness the British reluctance to implement the fishing deal or the denial of the signature of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who travels between the two islands on the border between Ireland and Great Britain.

The slogan “Global Britain” announcing a bright future is struggling to see the light of day. London has not yet signed the exciting Brexiters-Free Trade Agreement with the United States. As for the agreement with Japan, it is only a copy and paste of the EU / Japan agreement. The UK is struggling to find its place in the world … and is isolating itself.

The last local elections show the weakness of the United Kingdom.

To build their victory, the Scots have again called for a referendum on independence. Wales saw an uprising in nationalism, and fighting broke out between the Catholic and Protestant communities of Northern Ireland.

UK cracks.

Brexit and Govt led the decline in GDP, but were driven by the success of the vaccine campaign and obscured the chaotic administration of the onset of the epidemic, while Boris Johnson maintained a surprisingly good reputation. When?

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