The polar cold will be swept away by an extraordinary lightness

Although almost all US states have lifted their “extreme cold” warnings, the country’s weather conditions can change drastically from one extreme to another. Temperatures will be very mild this New Year’s weekend.

Ends this Wednesday Extreme cold covered 80% of the land in snow and ice Continuous America. After a frosty Christmas, make way for an unusually mild New Year in this country marked by extreme weather. The Jet stream wavesTo the south, the polar vortex allowed it to invade much of North America.

This jet stream, which marks the boundary between cold air and temperate air, will undergo new bends and this time will go farther north: this will allow the eastern United States to be affected by much milder and wetter air. If the rise of mercury is already felt in the middle of the week, the change will be drastic between December 31 and 1.R January.

30°C difference in a week

The US West benefits from a seasonally mild spell, with no significant values. In the central part of the United States, from Minnesota to western Texas, temperatures will be slightly above seasonal norms. But the eastern part of the country, from Chicago (Illinois) through Louisiana to Florida, has been above average temperate.

Weather conditions in the eastern states will be absolutely exceptional: in Georgia, Carolina, Virginia and New York, temperatures in January will approach moderate records!

The Great Lakes region, especially the city of Buffalo, will experience a true “weather yo-yo”: after suffering historic snowstorms and general temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius, the mercury will rise. 10-12°C for Buffalo in the first few days of 2023 (compared to a normal of 0°C in January), rising above 30°C for more than two weeks. ‘One week!

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