The plane hijacked by Belarus takes off for Lithuania

(Brussels) The European Commissioner in charge of transport, Adina Valian, announced on Twitter, at around 17:15 GMT (1:15 pm ET), that the Ryanair plane that was hijacked by Belarus on Sunday afternoon “took off again immediately. From Minsk “to Lithuania.

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It did not mention the fate of opposition activist Roman Protasevic, who was arrested after the plane made an emergency landing in Minsk. The European Union had called on Belarus to allow the plane to leave “with all its passengers.”

Photo archive – Reuters

Opposition activist Roman Protasevich during an appearance in Minsk, April 2017.

The Roman Commissioner simply said: “This is great news for everyone, especially for the families and friends of the people on board.”

The plane, a Boeing 737, was re-routed on a flight from Athens to Vilnius, capitals of two member states of the European Union and NATO.

French Press Agency

Ryanair made an emergency landing at Minsk Airport.

“This is an unprecedented incident” and the European Union will not accept it from passengers [ses] Endangered airlines, “mI Valean, ensuring that he is in contact with Relevant International Organizations.

It is totally unacceptable. European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell replied, “We hold the government of Belarus responsible for the safety of all passengers and aircraft.”

In separate letters, Josep Borrell, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel all called on Minsk to allow “all passengers” to continue their journey.

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“We will have to bear all the consequences of violations of international air transport rules,” Al-Sayyid warned.I von der Leyen, while Charles Michel called for an investigation by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The heads of state and government of the 27 EU countries will meet Monday and Tuesday in Brussels for a summit where a series of international issues and the climate issue must be addressed.

Joseph Borrell announced on May 10 that the European Union was preparing new sanctions against Belarus, and he hoped that they would be adopted “in the coming weeks” – sanctions that would require consensus among member states.

The European Union decided at the end of February to extend the sanctions imposed on the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko as well as on members of his regime involved in the suppression of the stabbing of the presidential elections on August 9, 2020, until February 28, 2022., which Brussels ruled as “fraudulent”.

Sputnik image, archives via Reuters

President Alexander Lukashenko

Despite European and American sanctions targeting Alexander Lukashenko and senior officials in his government, the Belarusian president, with the support of Moscow, did not make any serious sign of a settlement in the face of the protest movement, on the contrary, an escalation of repression.

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