The Pixel 6 will have an unprecedented SoC

Google is now producing its own chips, and the former will power the Pixel 6 when it is released this fall. In a recent article by 9to5Google, Certify that Mountain View has been investing in designing its own internal microprocessor. Google will no longer work with Qualcomm to equip its smartphones. A strategy that follows in the footsteps of Apple.

It was all part of a file The first rumors Posted by Axios a little over a year ago. To compete better with Apple and differentiate itself from competitors on the Android OS, Google made the decision Deeper investments in equipment. SoCs under the codename “Whitechapel” were in the drawers, ready to replace Qualcomm and outfit smartphones like the brand’s Chromebooks.

The last documents our brothers and sisters viewed 9to5Google Confirms that Google is talking about a new internal processor on its devices From 2021The first slide that will be launched is currently called “GS101”, which will be shown next Pixel 6 next fall, and “GS” can be compatible with “Google Silicon”.

Google will have its own smart home

Talking about a “home” processor does not mean, however, that Google will take care of all of its research and development (R&D) and chain of production. The US specialist website has practically confirmed that Google has chosen Samsung to make the project a reality.

Thus, the new “Whitechapel” Google chips will be closer to Exynos processors than Qualcomm’s. Many items can also be obtained from the South Korean manufacturer.

Apple, which is pursuing its own microprocessor management strategy, is working alongside TSMC. Recently, the manufacturer said that it would invest at least $ 100 billion To increase its production capacity while the booming global market has been in short supply for several months now.

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The processor management will allow Google to no longer rely on Qualcomm. The feature would also be undeniable to allow the brand to be more free in designing its smartphones and integrating its software. The Pixel 6 will be the first of its kind, while recent forecasts have mentioned rather recent ones SoC Snapdragon 780G Qualcomm as intended.

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