The performance of the Nintendo Switch Pro Docked will be improved to get a resolution of up to 1440p; DLSS can be locked at launch

The Nintendo Switch Pro It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but a new rumor has started circulating online that has revealed new details about potential specifications, powerful performance, portable and more.

According to this new rumor coming from Taiwan, as shown in Forums reset eraThe new Nintendo console’s GPU will clock in at around 1GHz in docked mode and 768MHz in handheld mode. As such, the console will be able to push up to 120 fps at 720p in portable mode, but it looks like Nintendo will patch performance at 60 fps, at 720p. On the other hand, the stable performance will be improved at 1440p resolution.

The Nintendo Switch Pro went into production this month, although it wasn’t announced – a rumor

There are also new rumors about the implementation of NVIDIA DLSS technology in the new Nintendo Switch Pro. Depending on the leaker, the technology is already implemented in the console, but it may only be available in docked mode or even locked on boot due to unspecified issues.

Below is an initial translation of the new Nintendo Switch Pro rumors.

There is information that the GPU clock that will be transmitted to the Switch Pro is around 1 GHz. The current conversion time has been corrected. 768 MHz.

It will be able to reach 720p 120 frames in Nintendo Switch Pro portable mode.

However, it is said that it will come out with a compromise setting 60 frames at 720p due to a maintenance issue.

Performance in static mode is known to have been improved to the current resolution of 1440p.

It has been said that the latest Nvidia technology will be included, but due to several issues, it can only be implemented in stable mode or can come out sealed upon release.

There are rumors that third-party Nintendo developers have already received development kits.

Nintendo has been trying to develop with AMD chipsets instead of Nvidia for 3 years, but due to different circumstances, it was also said that they chose Nvidia.

And now there are rumors in Japan that Microsoft Xbox Game Pass for Switch will be launched at the same time as the Nintendo Switch Pro.

While we should take everything with caution, this rumor appears to be oddly specific in some ways, so there may be some truth to that. The console will be revealed soon, according to other rumors circulating online, so we probably won’t have to wait any longer to find out more.

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The Nintendo Switch Pro has yet to be officially announced. We’ll keep you posted on new hardware from Nintendo as soon as possible, so stay tuned for all the news.

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