The participatory project to create a friendly space in the center of Enges is in progress

On site, Cassy, ​​11, and Axelle, 14, are taking advantage of this holiday period to help develop this 1,800-square-meter green space that overlooks both Rue Wauters and the banks of the Meuse. We make the stage and we do the panels. They explain.

Among the various actors of this participatory project are the Enges Cultural Center and its director, Michael Williams: “It will be an arena that we can call a stage that can be used for certain performances.” He specifies. “There is also a step for sitting and meeting, and on the wall, right in front, we are going to create a cinema screen. The step will be oriented in such a way that we can also show a movie.”

Another collaborator of this participatory project, Maison des jeunes d’Engis, attended by Emma and Amy, 15 and 16 years old: “Me, I love coming here and being involved in the project because I see the work progressing. We could have BBQs here, it’s a little village festivals and it could be great for Engis” The girl rejoices.

The idea is to work with people and their skills and desires

“The idea is to work with people, with their skills and desires, I think everyone can be active in their own way” Michael Williams adds.

Starting this weekend, Engissois will be able to take advantage of these first developments.

A second participatory project will start in July in another area of ​​Enges at a total estimated cost of €58,000.

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