The number of patients in French hospitals continues to decline slowly

6:47 a.m.: Only a few vaccines still infected

About 0.01% of people who were fully vaccinated against Covid-19 between January and April subsequently contracted the virus, according to a US government study published on Tuesday, confirming the very high efficacy of the vaccines.

“Even if the authorized vaccines were highly effective, rare cases of contamination were to be expected,” especially before the population’s immunity reached a level sufficient to reduce transmission, ”states the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report.

6:23 a.m .: The National Academy of Medicine recommends compulsory vaccination

The National Academy of Medicine ruled Tuesday in favor of mandatory vaccinations for some occupations initially. More information in our article.


The World Health Organization said on Wednesday in a report that a variant of the coronavirus detected in India for the first time has been officially reported in 53 regions.

The World Health Organization has also received information from unofficial sources that the B.1.617 variant has been found in seven other regions, according to figures for the weekly epidemiological update of the French Health Agency of the United Nations, bringing the total number to 60.

According to the report, this B.1.617 variable increases transmissibility while investigating the severity of affected cases.

6:01 am: Vaccination center in Bordeaux against a “type of concern” group

Purdue is organizing itself in the face of the “worrisome alternative”, derived from the English alternative, which was discovered last week. So far, 60 people have been infected with it in the Bacalan district. Faced with this situation, Bordeaux is organizing: an ephemeral vaccination center in Bacalan will open this Wednesday at 2 pm, which will run daily from 9 am to 8 pm.

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Additional doses of Pfizer and Moderna will also be provided to pharmacists and general practitioners, while the mega-vaccination center in Bordeaux will be used to immunize residents of the area. “We have planned for three weeks to finish vaccinating 10,000 Bacalan residents,” the regional health agency said.

5:57 am: More than 3.475 million people die from Covid-19

The pandemic has killed more than 3.475 million people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to a report issued by official sources on Tuesday afternoon.

After the United States (590,574), the countries with the most deaths are Brazil (449,858), India (307,231), Mexico (221,695) and the United Kingdom (127,724).

These numbers, based on daily reports from national health authorities, are generally underestimated. It excludes the bottom-up reviews that were subsequently performed by some statistical organizations.

By taking into account the increase in deaths directly and indirectly related to Covid-19, the World Health Organization estimates that the true toll from the epidemic is “two to three times higher”.

5:53 am: Cool summer?

Is the sun finally on the horizon after so many dark months? If they continue in the coming weeks, the decline of the Covid-19 epidemic and the acceleration of vaccination could give hope for a peaceful summer, specialists say.

“We can hope to have a quiet summer, especially if we can keep pollution down for a few more weeks and vaccinate on a very large scale,” Scientist Simone Cuchemes, designer at the Pasteur Institute and member of the Scientific Council that directs the French government.

He and his team regularly updated the computer models they produce on Saturday in an effort to predict the rest of the epidemic. Their estimates are more optimistic than they were a few weeks ago.

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5:50 am: Recovery and recovery: The indicators are declining

The number of Covid-19 patients in French hospitals continues to slowly decline, including in intensive care units, according to data released Tuesday by Public Health France.

19,430 patients with Covid-19 were hospitalized (compared to 19701 the day before), including 796 who had been admitted in the past 24 hours.

That number, which crossed 31,000 at the height of the third wave in mid-April, fell again to below 20,000 on Saturday for the first time since October 27.

Critical Care Services (the name that includes Intensive Care, Intensive Care, and Continuing Care) had 3,447 patients on Tuesday (compared to 3,496 the day before).

205 have been admitted since Monday to these services that look after the most serious patients.

5:45 am: Hello and welcome to this live video dedicated to monitoring the Covid-19 epidemic in France and around the world.

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